Ventures in Vietnam

Volunteering is not just about bringing a positive change in the world but also an amazing means to facilitate your own personal development. Moreover, the supreme influence it might bring to your CV and professional life cannot be ruled out. Combine it with a splendid destination and you are ready to have the best time of your life.

If you desire to experience Southeast Asia’s most welcoming hospitality which not only offers you a mesmerising scenery and pristine temples but also geological wonders and mouth-watering food; then Vietnam is the place for you. From trying snake wine, the ultimate exotic drink here, to swimming, hiking, and picnicking at the Elephant Spring’s natural pools to spending an evening at Bia Hoi Junction, the city’s busiest nightlife, this country has it all.

Unforgettable Experiences

Vietnam claims right to innumerable breath-taking natural backdrops along with the countless challenges it may put forward due to human inhabitance. The inspiring memory of contemplating over the eccentric panorama of limestone islands to gushing through a tsunami of motorbikes, this place won’t disappoint you. The rural adventures might lend you an amusing sight of honking pigs weave a wobbly route along a country lane whereas a solitary grave in a cemetery of thousands of war victims might persuade you to obtain a thoughtful insight into the country’s past.

History & Culture

For a nation that rose from colonialism and the atrocities of wars, Vietnam’s culture is extremely complex but, yet the story of its past makes a good one for a box office thriller. The Chinese and Hindu influences in the ancient temples to the glorious skylines defined by clusters of glass-and-steel corporate HQs, elucidate its journey on the road to prosperity. Meanwhile, the people here would leave no stone unturned to make you feel that this place is no less than your home.

Undertaking a volunteering expedition here would not only give you a chance to witness everything that a usual tourist might do but at the same time, work towards the underlying issues that the Vietnamese deal with every day. The country is still battling with poverty, gender issues, and the aftereffects of war and it significantly needs coordinated efforts of great volunteers to rise from these predicaments that are holding it back.

Be an Enabler to its Growth

The nation has made great strides of progress in terms of economic growth and reducing poverty. However, the effect of this accelerated development hasn’t been able to trickle down to the grassroot level of the society. Working here for such disadvantaged sections of the society will empower you to act as the medium to bring about a change for these people.

Reduce the Social Disparities

Working on projects that are focussed towards plummeting the gender biases or refining the quality of education the Vietnamese children receive, would enable the next generation of the nation to emerge as a force of changemakers that would drive it towards prosperity. All it needs is a few good volunteers who are willing to drive this transformation in the stage of its infancy.

Visiting Vietnam will certainly push you beyond your comfort zone where you would be able to savour a wholesome experience of enjoying new and interesting things. From the countless experiences that you would live in here, being an enabler to a nation’s growth would surpass anything that you might have accomplished before.

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