Why Play By The Rules?

Why play by the rules? 

Rules. Who makes these rules? The society? The government? Our forefathers? While some rules are necessary for proper functioning of civilisation, while some are meant to be broken.

Centuries of civilisations have made their own rules, come up with new ones. Some for the betterment of humanity, while some that destroy the basic purpose of it. What if we lived in a world with no rules? No fixed followings to guide our thinking, no boundaries set up by society.

Some of the greatest visionaries of the world have been rule breakers.why play by rules

Galileo was forbidden by the church to explore the universe, Einsteins theories were dubbed as ridiculous as they broke all notions of what science was based on. All of them were outcasts, all of them abandoned routine to delve what they believed in.

We’ve all been there, be it the smallest of things like bunking a lecture in school to breaking a traffic light, to even an imaginary one that would’ve labelled your current attire a fashion faux-pas . And let’s admit it, we’ve felt the most alive at that point, free with a rush of adrenaline. We’ve all broken a rule, we’ve all tried to be rebels. And yet, we find ourselves as claustrophobic and clustered in imaginary cages as ever.

It’s time we let ourselves out. We’ve been labelled as the generation that breaks the rules and makes new ones and let’s live upto it. This century has seen the craziest of ideas been turned into the most genius of inventions, the birth of unimaginable discoveries within the spheres of science and revolutions that have shook the basic way of life.

We have aspirations, plans for our future, not only ours but plans for a future where we want to live in and if achieving them involves breaking some rules laid down in front of us, what’s the harm?

After all, rules are made to be broken.



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