Will It End?

In our 67th year of independence, 14 years after the Kargil War, on 24th January 2013, 2 Pakistani diplomats were refused entry into our country based on no facts or accusations.


According to sources, the permissions and denials were a ‘part of the process’.

The process of strengthening the strain between New Delhi and Islamabad?

They were refused permission to be a part of the Jaipur Literary Festival that takes place annually in the month of January in the city. It is an occasion to celebrate multivocality. The lawns of Diggi place are adorned with Bhojpuri and Maithili, Rajasthani and Santhali, Hindi and English, Spanish and French, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, Sanskrit and Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and many other languages. Here in an environment that resonates with art, literature and language of a being, these 2 diplomats were refused entry.

Nobody denied them entry because they were followers of Islam, or because an intelligence report stated that they meant harm to their visiting country. But, considering the happenings of the 9th of January, where two Indian Jawaans were brutally killed at the LOC by the Pakistani army, wouldn’t having 2 Pakistani officials squandering around the country raised a major intelligent issue.

Since the past 66 years, the two nations have fought 3 major wars, 1 undeclared war and several other skirmish military disputes that arose from time to time. Even after successfully signing peace treaties such as Indus Waters Treaty, Simla Agreement and the Tashkent Declaration, these two countries have been in a never ending state of conflict.Today we accuse our closest neighbour of terrorism, anti-India military actions, ‘warmongering’ and stealing our resources among other things.

The crux of the conflict however lies in the ‘Kashmir Issue’ that started in 1947, when the Maharaja of Kashmir decided to be a liberated state neither accepting a Pakistani or an Indian future. However Pakistan sent tribal lashkars to talk to the Kashmiris about this decision of autonomy. The Indian government saw this as invasion into their territory giving rise to the NeverEnding Indo-Pak conflict. Due to its strategic position and unique and exquisite nature, Kashmir has been of particular interest to both countries.

Both nations have the chance to decide whether to continue the conflict in order to gain exactly what they desire or pull out and therefore lose. If both India and Pakistan cooperate, they will be better off by avoiding greater numbers of casualties and avoiding the possibility brinkmanship, considering the nuclear capability on both sides. But as seen till today, both countries refrain from Communication diplomatically through understanding or bargaining tactics and continue to build their own military, nuclear arsenal. Are the two countries sitting on a time bomb built to destroy?

So if India hands Kashmir over to Pakistanwill it solve the entire issue or will it be the start of much bigger problems?

How can a compromise be brought about considering the continuous breach in their promises and or overwhelming accusations? Aren’t we heading towards redundancy with no possible solution?

Are the writers, diplomats, artists, musicians and The Common Man of these two nations, going to keep on facing the brunt of this scenario?

Will it ever end?

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