You are a Legend!

The day you were born was perhaps the best day on the earth and for the earth. For that was the day when a person was sent on the earth with a purpose! And as you grew up into a kid, your perspectives about the world flourished and so did your ideas & aims, which somewhere or the other made you realize the purpose you had been sent to serve. But as you embarked onto the stage of an adolescent, the world began to play its evil role of pulling down the birds from midair, which once aspired to conquer the world through their wings. You were mauled down by the retrograde thoughts of the society and even would have been negated of all your aspirations. With the passage of time, a brilliant mind brimming with indomitable potential, was reduced to a mediocre following the convention. Do you think what you are doing is really worth of what you had been born for?


You could have been an artist like Da Vinci or a replica of Beethoven! Or even like Einstein, simplifying the intricate mysteries of life into lucid equations! Do you think that your school or college will make you one? Forget about it! For there are nearly thousands of people ready to jump into the same pool as you, which can accommodate far less than this!

title i am legend

It is time for you to realize that the scarce resources can’t satisfy everyone on the earth. You can’t survive well in this world until and unless you gain a competitive advantage over others. You need to comprehend the world of competition. There are high chances of you remaining unemployed even though you are full of good qualities required for a suitable employee. With a saturation phase that has set in the market, the world demands you to be an employer rather than an employee. And here comes the field of entrepreneurship into picture. The world has little room to accommodate more employees. So why not go ahead and start a venture of your own. You could be a small player today but you might end up giving a stiff competition to big business houses tomorrow! And to take this flight, you need to understand the market realities and the completion that inundates this realm.

You can’t exist in that highly competitive world sans some worthy networks of people. For whatever you do in life, actually trickles down to the people around you. Try going out and connect with like-minded people and you will find the world opening for you like a butterfly out of a cocoon. And don’t forget to take some calculated risks in life. For the biggest risk one can take in life is not to take risks. Trust yourself. Listen to your inner voice for it already knows where your destination is! Follow these rules, follow your passion! And you will definitely become the legend in the world, the one you were born to be!!

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