Hire International Teachers

Global Teacher program helps educational institutions and organisations fulfil their need for teachers with skilled young people.

Why hire an International Teacher?

Talent Acquisition

Behind every successful organization that innovates is a diverse global workforce.With us, sourcing international talent becomes as easy as recruiting in your local Market. Infuse your business with the fresh perspective of young people from all overthe world.

Stay Competitive

Stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what your students need to succeed. Allaround the world we reach people with different backgrounds and perspectives toenrich your curriculum.

Multicultural learning environment

Adapt your institution to the globalized world we live in today. By hiring international teachers you allow your learning environment to become more inclusive and multicultural

Countries to hire teachers from

Talented teachers from all across the world.





What we provide

Access to qualified pool of candidates


Bring teachers with different perspectives to enrich student's experience


Bring in energy and dynamism in your teaching staff


Looking to fill in specific skill sets that you don't find in the local market


Improve Employer Brand, to attract more students


Foster globalisation and multiculturality inside my organisation

School, University, Training Centers

Get International Teacher in 6 Steps


Register as a Partner

Register with your contact details and one of our local representatives will get in touch with you for a consultation.

Choose what can we collaborate on

AIESEC works in alignment with the 17 SDGs together. Pick an SDGs that your organisation and AIESEC can work towards together.

Confirm the Partnership

Get free access to our platform and browse our international talent pool. Posting job offerings are easy and don’t cost you anything, you only pay once you accept a candidate for your opportunity.


Selection of Volunteers

Shortlist your applicants and contact suitable candidates for an interview through your dashboard. Bring your co-workers onboard and select the ideal candidate for your organisation.


Intern’s support and development

Together, we will provide spaces for your intern to reflect on their learnings and their personal development journey. Our goal is to contribute to their development whilst contributing to your business growth.


Visa and logistics

AIESEC will facilitate the visa process, prepare the intern for the intercultural experience and take care of all needed logistics before and after arrival.

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What does the AIESEC exchange program offer?

A positive learning experience. International Team Experience, Practical skills in a foreign environment to complement their education Interaction with social issues in the host community and country and territory Interaction with a new social and cultural environment Preparation for future management responsibilities Opportunity to apply skills, attitudes, and values at work and in the community Awareness and knowledge of social issues and different practices in the host country

What are the requirements to avail this International Exchange Opportunity? Is there a selection process?

The candidate should only be between the age group 18 — 30. The candidate should be equipped with a decent level of English. Yes, there is a selection process. After Finding the opportunity the exchange participant is interested in, an interview will be conducted with the project manager. An interview of about 15- 20 mins to check the intent of the person and their basic English.

Will I receive any salary during my experience? How much do I have to pay for such an internship?

You will not be paid any remuneration during this internship, which is voluntary. However, depending on the project, you may receive free accommodation and food. You only pay an administration fee of INR 18,000/ taken after being selected for a project, and you give due confirmation. Sometimes, you might have to pay some nominal fees for the accommodation.

How will I get my Visa and Tickets?

AIESEC doesn’t provide you with VISA or Air tickets. However, we help you obtain the necessary documents to get a VISA. We can also assist you with travel insurance.

How is it relevant to a Student?

AIESEC internship focuses on building an individual in these respects: Soft skills enhancement Presentation skills, Solution-oriented mindset International Perspective Public-speaking skills Financial Management Leadership Skills International Team experience SeIf-Awareness etc. An individual goes through an intense experience in those six weeks. They shape their journey themself, and the learning differs from person to person. In the end, the person becomes an all-rounder. A complete package. Thus, anybody can even go for an exchange like this, be an engineer. All the above points are required in an individual in today’s time. We have even IT-based projects too.

What is Startico?

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Do you have a money-back policy?
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Can I use your services before I open an LLC?

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Can I pay with a credit card?

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Do you offer discounts on yearly subscription?

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