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We in AIESEC aim to fulfil our mission of developing our youth’s leadership to prepare them for the future through practical experiences and cross-cultural understanding. As such, we hold conferences which AIESEC members attend physically for several days, getting involved in keynotes and workshops to exchange important life-long lessons, network with others and interact with our partners.

July National Conference

AIESEC in India's July National Conference is a flagship conference that brings together young leaders from across the country to engage in discussions, workshops, and training sessions aimed at fostering personal and professional development. The conference provides a platform for AIESEC members to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects that promote sustainable development goals and create positive social impact in local communities.

March National Conference

As an annual conference, AIESEC in India's March National Conference brings together young leaders to discuss and explore solutions for pressing global issues. Through various workshops, sessions, and keynote speeches, the conference provides a space for individuals to develop their leadership skills and engage in meaningful conversations about the world's most pressing problems. The conference's focus is to empower youth to take action and create a positive impact in their communities.

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What Partners get through AIESEC Conferences

Under Graduate Students
and working class in near future
in their student communities
from all geographical areas of India
Intimate Spaces
for brand presence
Brand Ambassador
can be made among youth community
Employer Branding
showcase your company's purpose

What do our Conference Partners have to say?

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The AIESEC Presidential Elections and Conference was an experience | will never forget. It was a great platform to share our ideas, knowledge and experiences - all of which resulted in meaningful conversations and connections. What struck me the most was the passion, commitment and enthusiasm from all the participants to create positive change in their respective communities. It reaffirmed my belief that young people have a great role to play in shaping India's future - and AIESEC is an important platform to give us that opportunity.

Pavan Sriram

Founder | Kohort

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"Whether it was the time of being a member or coming back as a partner the AIESEC plenary has been a space of energy and learning for me. Coming back to the national plenary after 7 years felt surreal. Interacting with the present members about what | had to offer to them and answering their questions felt refreshing for a change. It felt like doing my bit for the members to help them fulfil their potential"

Utkarsh Pandey

Relations Manager | MPower

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