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Differentiate yourself with an international teaching opportunity

Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad

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Why choose to be a Global Teacher?

Gain a professional edge

Our partners are dedicated to providing you with an enriching leadership experience sure to put you ahead of your peers.

Try something new

Our teaching opportunities are very diverse - whether looking to teach for the first time or you’re already an experienced teacher, you will find an opportunity looking for someone like you!

Gain International Experience

You can gain experience in new cross-cultural settings, equip yourself with new skills and add value to the school or institution you will work in


Faster than ever before

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Become a teacher in 4 steps


Sign up

Sign up with your contact details and one of our local representatives will get in touch with you for a consultation.


Find an internship

Once you sign up, you can access all the opportunities that are available. Our local representative will assist you with a suitable opportunity.


Go through the selection process

Our local representatives will assist you throughout the selection process, we will reach out to the AIESEC office abroad to notify them of your application.


Sign the contract & get ready

Once you have cleared the selection for an opportunity, you have to pay the registration fee and sign the contract! Post which you get ready to kickstart your career with this life changing experience!

Sign up as Global Teacher

Sign up to receive more information about Global Teacher internships!


FAQs Global Teacher

What is Global Teacher?

Global Teacher allows young people to develop their leadership skills while completing a professional teaching experience abroad.

How long is a Global Teacher Opportunity?

Our shortest Global Teacher opportunities are as short as 9 weeks, while our longest ones can last up to 78 weeks.

Who can apply for a Global Teacher Opportunity?

Any young person aged 18-30 with some teaching experience and good language proficiency in English can sign up and apply for a Global Teacher opportunity. Most Global Teacher opportunities have requirements related to the applicant's skill set, academic background, and experience to ensure that the person applying is qualified for the job. Moreover, due to international or national regulations, some opportunities can only receive candidates from specific locations to ensure the legality of a particular national working in the destination country. All these specifications are detailed in listing each opportunity on our platform.

What are the benefits of a Global Teacher opportunity with AIESEC?

Many benefits come along with a Global Teacher opportunity; here are a few of them: Apply your skills and knowledge in a practical environment in the field of teaching. International Exposure: Experience new cultures and work in an international environment. Develop your Leadership (our programs can help you improve the following leadership qualities: Self-Awareness, World Citizenship, Empowering Others, Solution-Orientation. Receive AIESEC Support for Selection (Assistance with your application to opportunities and decision-making process).

Will I get paid if I go on a Global Teacher opportunity?

Yes, our Global Teacher opportunities provide a salary. The amount of remuneration depends on the location, institution working for, and job description. All the information about pay and benefits is detailed in listing each opportunity on our platform.

What is Startico?

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Do you have a money-back policy?

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Can I use your services before I open an LLC?

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Can I pay with a credit card?

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Do you offer discounts on yearly subscription?

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