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Develop your leadership through a volunteering project contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Why choose to be a Global Volunteer?

Cross-Cultural Experience

Experience a new culture, meet like-minded people, and expand your network across the world while volunteering.

Develop Yourself

Step out of your comfort and live in a challenging environment which will develop your leadership competencies, personal skills and improve your language capabilities.

Contribute to the SDGs

Find the project around the world that contributes to a cause you care about. All Global Volunteer projects are designed to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Faster than ever before

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Pyramids, Sahara Desert, and Nile River. Egypt is known for its ruins, historical places, and sites of world wonders. It is also famous for its mesmerising beaches, coral reefs, and sea cruises.


Flight Costs

INR 50000


Basic Living Costs



Additional Costs



Visa Fees

INR 5000 to 7000


Partly in Europe and partly in Asia; That’s what describes the country of Turkey! Turkey is famous for a diverse set of both oriental and European elements.


Flight Costs

INR 55,000


Basic Living Costs



Additional Costs



Visa Fees

INR 6000

Sri Lanka

Full of beautiful landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens and golden beaches, the island nation of Sri Lanka with its rich culture and its amazing cuisine is nothing short of magnificent.


Flight Costs

INR 25000


Basic Living Costs



Additional Costs



Visa Fees

INR 14000

Pricing plans

Program Registration Fee
18,000 INR
Total Program Expenses
70,000 - 1,50,000  INR
Based on the country you choose & doesn't include registration
6-8 weeks
What we provide

A local volunteer to support you with application process


Access to Volunteering Opportunities in 25+ Countries


Accommodation (Additional Fee upto 200$ might be charged in some Countries)


Personal Goal Setting Sessions before the Program


Support with VISA Documents and Insurance


Experience Debriefing sessions after the Program


Online Support and Program Guide


Affordable Volunteering Program Fees


Access to Leadership Development Assessment tools

NGOs, School, NPOs

In a few easy steps



Sign up

Sign up with your contact details and one of our local representatives will get in touch with you for a consultation.


Find a project

Once you sign up, you can access all the opportunities that are available. Our local representative will assist you with a suitable opportunity.


Go through the selection process

Once you have found the suitable opportunity, You go through the selection process after applying which includes an interview or a task.


Sign the contract & get ready

Once you have cleared the selection for an opportunity, you have to pay the registration fee and sign the contract! Post which you get ready for a life changing experience.

What do the previous exchange participants say?

Star iconStar icon
“Everyone should try living this experience as it would change you in ways you can’t imagine”

Kapil Khataria

Global Volunteer, Egypt

Star iconStar icon
"It is always about the people. The stories they have to share and the butterfly effect of those stories creating powerful experiences for the thousands of youth. I am glad that I could be one such story myself."

Tanisha Gandhi

Global Volunteer, Turkey

Star iconStar icon
“Everyone should experience an AIESEC exchange at least once in their lifetime”

Sahanu Jain

Global Volunteer, Sri Lanka

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What does the AIESEC exchange program offer?

A positive learning experience. International Team Experience, Practical skills in a foreign environment to complement their education Interaction with social issues in the host community and country and territory Interaction with a new social and cultural environment Preparation for future management responsibilities Opportunity to apply skills, attitudes, and values at work and in the community Awareness and knowledge of social issues and different practices in the host country

What are the requirements to avail this International Exchange Opportunity? Is there a selection process?

The candidate should only be between the age group 18 — 30. The candidate should be equipped with a decent level of English. Yes, there is a selection process. After Finding the opportunity the exchange participant is interested in, an interview will be conducted with the project manager. An interview of about 15- 20 mins to check the intent of the person and their basic English.

Will I receive any salary during my experience? How much do I have to pay for such an internship?

You will not be paid any remuneration during this internship, which is voluntary. However, depending on the project, you may receive free accommodation and food. You only pay an administration fee of INR 18,000/ taken after being selected for a project, and you give due confirmation. Sometimes, you might have to pay some nominal fees for the accommodation.

How will I get my Visa and Tickets?

AIESEC doesn’t provide you with VISA or Air tickets. However, we help you obtain the necessary documents to get a VISA. We can also assist you with travel insurance.

How is it relevant to a Student?

AIESEC internship focuses on building an individual in these respects: Soft skills enhancement Presentation skills, Solution-oriented mindset International Perspective Public-speaking skills Financial Management Leadership Skills International Team experience SeIf-Awareness etc. An individual goes through an intense experience in those six weeks. They shape their journey themself, and the learning differs from person to person. In the end, the person becomes an all-rounder. A complete package. Thus, anybody can even go for an exchange like this, be an engineer. All the above points are required in an individual in today’s time. We have even IT-based projects too.

What is Startico?

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Do you have a money-back policy?
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Can I use your services before I open an LLC?

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Can I pay with a credit card?

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Do you offer discounts on yearly subscription?

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