Why Indian employers value international experience in candidates

AIESEC in India
19th May, 2023
3 min read

Are you wondering if all that time you’ve spent on an international exchange through AIESEC is going to pay off or if you haven't been on one yet, then are you curious to understand whether it'll be of any use to you later on in your career-

Well let me tell you, it's all only good news for you if you have an international experience under your wing- statistics show that 64 percent of employers find international experience in a candidate extremely desirable whilst they look for recruits

What exactly makes International candidates so appealing to Indian employers you might ask-

Firstly, It starts with the kind of mindset that is brought into the equation- an international experience instills a global mindset, one that is open to learning and adapting to different cultures and work environments.

Global mindsets grow individuals that can work effectively in a global team and understand the complexities of international business- something that is much required in today's interconnected world

Secondly, Indian employers increasingly look to expand their operations overseas and an employee with international experience who can help them navigate the global marketplace makes operations all the more easier. These employees with international experience are also often perceived to have higher levels of maturity, independence, and resilience, which are very desirable traits in any work environment

Thirdly, working in a foreign country requires a high level of adaptability and flexibility. A work environment filled with individuals who have diverse histories and backgrounds also require the same and employees perceive candidates with international experience to better equipped to handle these dynamics and situations

Finally, just as any business- the priority for an employee is their RoI or return on investment whilst they search for plausible recruits- an individual with international experience brings to the table- contacts and a global network, a diverse skill set, global expansion, adaptability and perspective, and most importantly a range of qualities and skills that can be driven down to an entire team, thus also paving success in the global economy

At the end of the day, Indian employers give more value to candidates with international experience because the range of qualities and skills that they imbibe will ensure the growth of any business and cannot be built elsewhere in any other environment

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